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HOT TIP: What is the No.1 biggest business pitfall?

on September 8, 2015

BUSINESS PITFALL: Do you know what the No.1 biggest business pitfall is? There are plenty of them … not having a vision, no business plan, not marketing, no sales funnel and so on and so forth.

But here’s one that we believe doesn’t get enough air time when all of these business pitfalls are being thrown around (we see it all the time on social media and the biggest business blogs from around the world).

What to know what it is?

Not getting back to people. That’s right, not following up on every lead.

We know this can help grow your business 10 fold. 

Neglecting leads or not following up with clients is the best way to guarantee a business’s demise. It’s not just about responding to concerns or following through with a lead, but rather it’s about doing so in an efficient and timely manner.

Waiting a week before responding back to client could mean that they have found someone else to do business with. If growing your business and building your client list is a priority for you, then it means you will have to treat every aspect of it with a high level of importance.

Businesses do not grow on their own, you have to nurture them to success and to do so you must be willing to allocate your time into making it prosper by being extremely responsive to those who show interest in your business.

If it is the only thing you do today … reply to that email, return that phone call or simply get back to someone and book in a job!

Go, do it!


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