Is your content writing in serious need of a makeover?

Have no idea about online content writing? Here are 5 tips

on October 4, 2014

Is your content writing in serious need of a makeover?Is your content in serious need of a word style makeover? Don’t worry, consider this your personal word-styling session for hot online content writing.


  1. Hip, happening headline

Where’s your headline at? One of the most important elements of the entire online content writing structure is the happy headline. You should have one on all online content.

TIP: Keep it short, sweet and stylish.

  1. A stand-out lead sentence

This is where your word styling really cuts a fine figure. Tell your audience what the content is about but do it in a way that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

TIP: Try a tip, statistic, fast fact, testimonial or story.

  1. Wow words

Make everything about your content different to anything anyone else is doing. Get creative with your words. Writing for your readers should be your number one priority.

 TIP: Make the tone of your online content writing conversational to build a connection.

  1. S.E.Oh yeah, this old thing

Make sure you complete all on-page SEO. Thread your keywords through the content and meta, title and alt tags, and make the blog, online article of web page at least 300 words.

 TIP: Use dot points and sub-headers to break up the block text.

  1. Call to action

Last, but certainly by no means least, is your call to action. No great page should be without one. A call to action directs your readers and tells them what do to next.

TIP: Be different. Don’t just say “call us”. Think of some sassy and sophisticated words instead.


BONUS TIP: Smile when you write. A smile makes everything more enjoyable and happy. Your words will thank you for it.


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