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ACTION STEP TODAY – an insight to our “10 days to a better MUA BIZ”

on October 27, 2014

Today we’re talking PR – that’s public relations and it should be part of your marketing strategy. Never fear if you don’t have a marketing strategy, we’ll delve deeper into that in the eCourse.

So, are you scared of journalists? Don’t be. They are people just like you. Yeah, sure they can be short and may come across as rude, but you just let that wash right over you.

ACTION STEP TODAY: The best ever piece of advice we can give to you is build a relationship with journalists where you want to be seen whether that it online, in print (newspapers or mags), radio or TV.

Today, we want you to target one journalist from your fave publication or show and send them an email to introduce yourself. Tell them:

  • Who you and what you do.
  • How you help them.
  • Give them three ideas for stories.   ** A story can be why you are awesome at what you do, an award you’ve won, portfolio pics you think they might like to feature…

In one week, follow up to say hello.

PS – do all of this on the email. They will call you if they need more info.

Wow, that was epic. #lovingit

See you tomorrow
Abbey, Liz and Suzzie x


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