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The biggest networking mistakes you could possibly make

on January 22, 2015

You’re probably wondering why you need to network at all?

Networking to attract more customers or grow your business is one marketing idea that is worth the effort and time, but only if it’s done properly.

Attending conferences and social events is one of the easiest ways to make connections, get to know people and spread the word about your business.

It’s called networking for a reason. Cast your net and work it!


So what are the biggest networking mistakes you could possibly make when you’re at an event?


Three of the biggest networking mistakes


  1.  Hard sell

This is no longer the way things are done. Trying to push your business or product on someone will create resentment so avoid it at all costs. Be subtle and smart and create a relationship with them first.

  1. Follow up with everyone

It’s a waste of time following up with everyone you meet at a networking event. Focus on connecting with those who could be potential customers or who might know others who could need your services down the track.

  1. Handing out business cards to everyone

While it’s crucial to have quality and professional business cards on hand, don’t just hand them out to everyone. People are more likely to keep your card and remember who you are if you’ve had an interesting conversation with them before passing over your card.


Want to know how to increase your strike rate at networking events and overcome three of the biggest networking mistakes?


Here are a few solid tips that will help position you when you are at an event:

  • Find a common point of interest and use this to start a conversation. It also increases you approachability down the track.
  • Spend time getting to know people because it’s these connections that could be valuable in the future, ask for their business cards and take an interest in them.
  • If you are shy, why not consider taking someone who can be your buffer…they can help you work the room and introduce you to people.
  • Never cross your arms, even if you’re bored, cold or nervous, people may see it as a sign not to approach you.
  • Take an interest in people and what they have to say. Actively listen to them. What are they really telling you? How can you help them?


HOT TIP: Don’t be afraid to say ‘hello’ to a stranger because there may be a golden opportunity right in front of you.


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