Blog writing: If all else fails … go directly to Facebook!

on April 7, 2015

So what do you do when you don’t know what to write and it’s your blog deadline?

Put it out to Facebook people!

I did this recently when I hadn’t the foggiest idea what I was going to share, so I asked my Facebook friends.

Here’s what they said they wanted to know about content and writing and how it will help you, MUAs.


  • What do I write?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I fit it in?
  • When do I need to post?


So here are some of the questions I received and the responses…


Q1: Content in general. What to write and what time to post?

In regards to your blog posting times, I have a couple of suggestions and links. Many of my clients work their blog into their email newsletter posting time. So when the newsletter goes out the blog is uploaded at the same time and ready to go when people click through. Mail Chimp studied over 1 billion emails to see what the best times to send them where and found it was Tuesday and Thursday after lunch to get the most click-throughs (3pm was around the best time). You can take a look here.

However, KissMetrics (who I follow) says when it comes to your blog Monday at 11am is when they get the most traffic. More info here girlfriend. Some of my other clients have done their own research and know when their blogs get read by their people. Mine seem to go more mental on Sundays.

TIP: Don’t forget to promote your blog content on your social platforms too, with a link back to your website.


Q2: How to take what you already know and make its sound good. I need a word stylist.

Everyone can be a word stylist! Once you’ve got everything down on paper…um, into your Word doc, you can always use a thesaurus whenever you are stuck. I still do this. Keep it very simple though; Laymen’s terms. Then it’s a matter of playing with the words until they sound right and stylish. This will take some time, so don’t worry. Just practice.

The framework I like to fall back on is:

  • A wicked header (something compelling)
  • Awesome lead sentence (something even more compelling, impacting, interesting, entertaining, educational)
  • 5Ws and H (story telling/case study)
  • Problem, solution, benefits, possible features (if it’s a web page and only if they are awesome features!)
  • Call to action (always on everything you do – tell people what to do next).

This style suits most online arenas, but there’s really no one-size-fits-all approach.


Q3: Brevity and still getting the message across clearly.

Yes, keep it simple and to the point. No waffling. Just keep editing and taking out words and sentences that don’t need to be there. No repetition. A good editor/proof reader can help with this too. They have this knack at making everything sound better!


Q4: Liz, for me it is what my readers will respond to positively. Some things I post get no response while others get heaps.

No technical stuff allowed! In my experience, people don’t like it. They do like stats, tips and how tos though, so if you have technical content that has stats or other cool info in it, I would rip them out and rewrite the rest into Laymen’s terms that the Average Joe can understand.

Always write for your readers. If your reader loves it when you post personal things, then maybe dedicate a page on your website to this to keep that personal element. People buy from people. The other thing you can do is introduce some stories into your content.

In saying all of that, of course, there are still going to be times when you may need to write technically (possibly an industry association newsletter or textbook chapter … maybe white papers, maybe some blogs … maybe), but mostly you won’t have to.

If you can’t get away from writing technical stuff for your blog and it’s not working for your readers, you could consider having another section on your site to cover off both. Think about what you like to read as a reader. Usually it’s pretty simple sorts of stuff and pretty pictures!


Q5: When I’m writing a post I can’t seem to concentrate on the words and most of my subjects seem to be too long. I don’t want to bore my readers.

I think that is perfectly fine, just brain dump a whole heap of words, let your fingers speed away on the keyboard and then come back to it all later to word style it. Usually blogs have one topic, so if you find what you are writing has more than one specific topic, then congratulations you’ve probably written about four posts in one and you’ve done all the hard work for the next month!

I think the key to writing is to stop, turn everything off and commit to a certain time period – say 30 minutes – and just tell yourself you are getting it done in that time and that’s it!

If you think your content is boring, ask someone else to read it and see what they think. Add a story to perk it up! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at some of the jounros/bloggers/business people you admire and taking a leaf out of their writing style book.

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