Bootcamp business: eLearning is the new black

on April 14, 2015

eLearning is the black. It’s the smoky eye of your business. Investing in your business like you invest time into getting that blend of black to grey just right will mean the difference between a biz that rocks and one that’s gone all smudgy.

This can take many forms whether it’s a business course, an online networking event, an online accountability group meeting, email series delivered to your inbox or a vlog or blog you read religiously.

Whatever it is to you – you must never stop making your business better and better. Business investment is key.

This is how you take your business from “now town” to “wow town”.

The next 4 tips are designed to help you take that wealth of makeup talent and start blending and sculpting it into a big, crazy success; here are our business investment tips when it comes to eLearning.


Business tips

Sign up to your favourite blog or business website to get hot business tips that will add value to your life and that you can implement straight away. If you’d like our 10 Days to a Better MUA Business tips, no problem!



Enrol in an eCource that will help you determine what you need to really make your business a success. The MMM Business Bootcamp is about to get underway from May 4, 2015. Sign up here.


Blogs and vlogs

If you’re looking for all the top tips when it comes to running a business from a systems and processes point of view, marketing, media, networking and content – look no further and simply sign up to this blog. Not only do we share our knowledge and expertise but we bring in the gun MUAs to share theirs too.


Books and eBooks

There’s nothing better than resource you can read at your own leisure. It’s even better if it’s an ebook that you can download and keep, and came back to time and time again. Have you read our ebook Makeup Media Marketing? It will get you started in the areas of business processes, media and marketing. It’s been downloaded in the US and the UK, plus all over Australia.


For more information on our Business Bootcamp and Makeup Media Marketing – Turn your passion into Profit eBook, please get in touch.

The next Business Bootcamp gets under way on May 4, 2015. Get on it!



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