Love doing makeup but frustrated with how hard it is to get constant work?

Dying to quit your 9-5 job and get into makeup full time?

Sick of working your butt off in a job you hate all week and working in a job you love all weekend?

Want to finally turn your passion for makeup from full time hobby into your dream profitable career?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

One thing we get asked again and again is how we to get to the point where makeup artistry can be a full-time, self-run, rewarding and profitable business. 

The secret is, once you stop thinking about your makeup as a hobby – something you love doing on the weekends for extra cash – and start treating it like a business, this my friend is when you will start to reap the rewards.

Between us, we are lucky enough to have a broad range of backgrounds from business basics, marketing, media and PR, advertising and makeup.  The essentials to running a successful business which most talented makeup artists lack.  If you are determined enough it’s easy to learn the old-fashioned way through years of trial and error, hard work and, occasionally, even a few tears.  But we’ve experienced a lot of this hard work and tears already, and we’re here to make the path a lot shorter and easier for you with our six week eCourse.

Over our individual careers we have edited a major newspaper, written two books, worked with the likes of Priceline, Fashion Week, Havaianas, XXXX Summer Bright, Coca Cola, Breaka Flavoured Milk, Vaalia Yoghurt, Napoleon Perdis, Lend Lease, collaborated with many a makeup artist - bride, runway model and photographer - run a successful makeup artist talent agency, marketing agency and content writing agency.  I guess you could say we know our stuff!

Now we’ve turned our biggest learned lessons from makeup artistry and business into this six week MUA Business Bootcamp (eCourse), which we know will help any makeup artist, old or new, to go pro with their talent and start turning their passion into profits.


What we teach is the stuff we all ignore when working on our businesses. Learning it is either too difficult, time consuming or expensive.  What’s currently out there is not tailored for makeup artists or is artistic based and ignores the not-so-exciting business essentials.  We will give you the need-to-know info, the must haves to ultimately get your business turning over profits AND we will guide you through it in the easiest possible, fun and rewarding six weeks  your business has ever experienced.



It's time to turn your passion into real profits

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- The many different ways you can structure your business and which ones will work best for you, your talent and your passion!

- 10+ years’ worth of business, sales, makeup artistry, branding and content writing training, tips and advice from three successful business owners, coaches and makeup artists (that's us - Abbey, Suzzie & Liz)

- The business basics you must have to get your business started and to protect you financially and legally

- Access to winning business planning and goal-setting templates

- Money-saving tips that will see instant profits in your pockets

- The insider tips to working with clients, photographers and agencies that only comes from years of experience (blood, sweat and tears)

- How to come up with a logo and business brand that suits your style and will start the sales process for you

- Access to the simplest and most effective marketing plan specifically designed with makeup artists in mind

- A breakdown of social media and the secrets to getting it right.  Minimal time investment for optimal results

- SALES, SALES, SALES how to use all of the above and sell yourself.

- Exclusive tips and templates to get yourself and your work published

- What your website should really say to turn 'lookers' into 'bookers'

- Contacting journalists and networking can be scary, but it's crucial to your success and we reveal the simple and confidence-building ways to grow these relationships

- 24/7 support and advice from our makeup artist community and staff

- A copy of our eBook Makeup Media Marketing - turn your profits into passion

- Plus much, much more!

over $2000 of value for just $395!

SIGN ME UP - only $395

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    No matter how long you have been in the business there are always basics that have been skipped but are essential to the success of your business.  We reveal the basics of the makeup artist and her business and give you the easy tools and tips to get the basics right.  Plus we give you some money saving tips that will see instant money back in your bank!


    Working with clients, photographers and agencies is not easy.  You need to be tough, confident and personable.  We guide you on how to make these relationships work for you.  We reveal who to approach, how to talk to them and what not to do or say when trying to get work from these guys.


    Image is everything and in week 3 we show you how to give your business an image that reflect the type of clientele you want to work with and the type of artistry you want to be known for.  Think business names, logo, tag lines, colours and imagery.


    Marketing can be scary and often plans don’t result in action.  Once you have your image sorted we give you the simple tips to get that image out there through traditional marketing and online marketing.  Simple and effective marketing tactics to spread the word on how awesome you are!


    Lets face it, you are a makeup artist and a bloody good one at that but images of your work aren’t enough to bring in the $$$.  We give you the simple tips to creating super enticing words.  Words that will make your clients jump on the email or phone to book you for work.  Writes block is something you’ll never encounter with our word styling secrets!  Website, blog writing, emails – we cover it all.


    The industry is fierce, fast and full of talent and long standing stakeholders.  We give you the tips to get out there, build networks and become a common name in your industry.  Get this right and we guarantee you success.

or weekly instalments of $70



Don't miss out - enrolments close midnight August 2nd, 2015!


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– Any makeup artist who wants to turn their passion into profits

– Anyone thinking about launching into their business and want to skip over the first few months or even years of trial and error, and get straight to the good stuff.

– Anyone newly graduated or long-time MUAs who simply need some business tips and reinvigoration

– Anyone, who has any interest in makeup artistry, of any kind, who is ready to go pro now!


When does it start? 

The next round of our MMM six-week Business Bootcamp starts LIVE on May 4th!

How is the course delivered? 

Each week we will release a new block of material overflowing with content, worksheets, do-it-now action points, scripts, checklists, templates and much, much more. And we’ll send you an email when we do!

You’ll get two emails a week into your inbox to keep you on track and accountable, and access to a webinar/vlog once per week.  These are pre-recorded so you can access them in your own preferred time.

What is the difference between the Bootcamp/e-course and the eBook? 

The Bootcamp (e-course) is an intensive six-week online course that focuses on the business side of makeup artistry (that is basic set up, branding, sales and networking).  The course is an extension to the eBook – taking the content and putting it into actionable steps week by week with us holding your hand.  The eBook is always there as an ongoing support tool.  It covers so much great content but the eCourse is here to help keep you accountable and motivated to make sure you keep moving forward and make your business as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

How much time will it take? 

We suggest you commit around 3-5 hours a week.  Some might need extra to start putting your awesome new learnings into action. But don’t worry if you get busy or a bit behind, once your have purchased the course, you have lifetime access, so you can always come back and re-do anything you missed.  Awesome, right?

What if I get stuck?

That is what we are here for! We will be answering questions via the comments section on each weekly module, and also in the private Facebook group. We are here to help, There are no wrong answers and no stupid questions. If you have a question it’s likely to be burning in someone else too!


What if I don’t have a business set up yet?
Not a problem! Beginners and graduates are more than welcome. Part of the first module is how to get a business started and you will gain a lot from this course.


But I don’t have the money to put into websites, branding and business building?
Don’t worry, that is not what this course is about. We will be recommending budget and money-saving programs, products and businesses wherever possible. Remember being in business is about being smart with money, both incoming and outgoing.


or weekly instalments of $70



Don't miss out - enrolments close midnight August 2nd, 2015!

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