Business cards: Three steps to an awesome card

on March 10, 2015

Run out of business cards?

Maybe it’s time for a makeover.

Your business card is one of your biggest assets when it comes to building your business and winning more work.

It needs to stand out.

It needs to reflect who you are as a makeup artist.

It needs to be awesome.

So how do you do that?

Well, my friends, we have three very simple steps for you to follow if your business card is in need of a makeover, or you don’t have one yet.


OUR HOT TIP: Get one pronto! You’re doing yourself and your business a disservice without a business card. How will people get in touch with you?


3 hot tips to a business card that rocks and gets results


  1. Don’t be boring. Be different.

Easy to say, but the key to standing out from the crowd is to get yourself a wicked graphic designer. Someone who will give you a few design concepts and put a piece of “you” into your card. Think about why you do what you do, why it’s your passion and why people should work with you and get your graphic designer to turn those thoughts into a work of art. Ladies, it can be done. There are some amazing graphic designers out there who don’t cost the earth. Check out eLance, oDesk or 99 Designs.

HOT TIP: Think about the shape…everyone does horizontal. What about vertical or square? Round, even?


  1. Share information

You don’t have a lot of space to play with but you can get who you are, what you do and why you do it in a short punchy sentence.

Ours at Makeup Media Marketing is: We show freelance MUAs how to become small business owners so you can quit your day job and lead a life you love.

You don’t have to put a list of services on the back. With a statement like the one above will be enough to get people talking…Ummmm, how do you do that? I want more info. I want a life I love.

HOT TIP: Rework your elevator pitch into something short and sweet.


  1. Call to action

It’s not enough just to have a phone number and all your contact details. Choose the way you want people to get in touch. Mobile, email, website should be non-negotiable. But you can also add Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Insta, whatever your little heart desires.

HOT TIP: Have QR code on the back that leads people to your website or your shop. Free download. A discount. A “buy one get one free” offer. Free consult. Competition. Hot tip. Question. Anything that sets you apart for the rest of the MUAs out there.


Now go and get a wicked business card happening! If need more information please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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