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Why client surveys are important and how to rock them

on July 21, 2015

The best businesses out there with top customer satisfaction and feedback all understand the importance of implementing quality customer feedback surveys; it is the best way to discover how satisfied your clients are and identify areas of improvement.

It’s also a great way to get to know your ideal clients and get it ideas so you can give then exactly what they want.

Here are our three best tips:


1) Brevity

Keep your survey questions short and concise. The fact of the matter is – if someone is willing to take out the time to fill out your survey then you should respect their time.


2) Ask Open-ended Questions

Having multiple choice questions are great when it comes to keeping things quick and easy, but also leverage this time by asking meaningful questions that will not result in a “yes” or “no” answer.

Again, as their time is incredibly valuable, don’t turn them off with huge and intimating blocks of text, but one or two questions near the end of the survey is typically safe practice.


3) Give them time to think

Don’t fall into the trap of barraging your clients with a bunch of questions at once like, “How did you hear about us? How likely are you to recommend us to a family/friend? Why or why not?”.

This is can be very off-putting and will most likely result in the disinterest of having them complete the survey. If you want quality answers, ask quality questions, and give people time to think it out.  


Are client testimonials really necessary?

There’s only one answer to this questions…Yes!

If you’ve ever wondered what people who’ve used your product or service really think about it, then chances are – prospective clients are wondering the same.

Client testimonials are not only necessary they are an integral key aspect of any brand, especially if your business is web presence (which is should MUAs!).

If someone has stumbled on your website and knows nothing about it other than the information that you provide, testimonials will allow them to hear the thoughts and opinions of others and what they have to say about your product/service.

Reading about positive experiences will likely overcome scepticism and translate into new and meaningful relationships. Don’t worry about having hundreds of glowing reviews at first; after all, a few quality testimonials will speak infinitely louder.

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