A day in the life of Mackenzie, makeup artist and businesswoman

on October 11, 2014

Hi again to all my budding makeup artist!

Its been sometime since you heard from me! Sorry, I have been super busy! Today I want to talk about the five top traits every makeup artist who owns a business should possess!

  1. Attitude – I really want to be successful in my business, so I do everything to make sure that happens. The right attitude will get you everywhere!
  2. Humour – being funny seriously gets people to book me. But it will help get you through some tough times as well.
  3. Passion – after working at my full-time job, I come home and spend hours on networking, practising looks, drafting up makeup designs, sending emails and client management. If I wasn’t passionate I could never commit this amount of time to these tasks.
  4. Creativity – I’m really lucky that I’m artistic, so drawing on faces comes naturally to me.
  5. Attention to detail – I never put down a brush and think ‘that will do’. I make sure all my clients are 100 per cent happy before leaving and that I am happy enough with my work that I would be proud to have it plastered all over a billboard.

If you had to pick your top five, what would they be?


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