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Don’t stop creating

on October 14, 2014

Ok so we get it you’re a MUA – which means you are probably pretty creative and generally creative people are always evolving and creating BUT if you are running a business or working full time and trying to get your MUA biz up and running at the same time sometimes we get bogged down.  Much like writers block lets call this a ‘creative block.’


Don’t get caught in a makeup rut where you have perfected a style or look so well that it consumes you.  Sure you need a solid type of work to be your ‘bread and butter’ but you also need to keep inspired and motivated.

Dedicate 1 hr per week to this.  We love Samara Nilsson and you can see her expanding her creativity quite often with a brush and her leg – yup forget the face charts she creates the looks on her legs.

Check it out here – we think it’s pretty cool – & you can follow her Facebook page for more!


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