Five minutes with Marah Leigh

on October 28, 2014


Marah Leigh
Marahs Makeup Artistry

I knew beauty was for me in my teen years when I would devoting every spare moment after school watching the ‘Makeup Geek’ on YouTube and spending all my pay on the latest beauty product must-haves. I became a makeup artist because I loved the transformation I could do on myself with simple makeup tricks and the right products. I wanted to give other women the same feeling. We are all beautiful but with the right tools we can really shine.

FAST FACT ABOUT ME: Makeup and beauty was, for me, a way to express myself. I also write songs. Believe it or not, I have been writing songs, singing and playing the guitar since I was little.

MY TOP BEAUTY TIP: Enhance what you’ve got. Pick something you love the most about your facial features, enhance it and make that your statement.

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MY CAREER: Building my business. In a small town it didn’t come easy to be as busy as I am now. This year I did a whopping 58 weddings, but five years ago all I had was my younger sister to practice on.

I have spent the last five years building a strong reputation within the makeup community and I am lucky to now have many returning clients.

My biggest challenge now is that clients tell me I could go far if I moved to further my skills. It can be disheartening to dwell on, but I also remember why I started. I am living that dream as each year I make hundreds of women feel great about themselves on their special occasions and it shows in their photos.

IF I HAD 5 MINUTES WITH MY YOUNGER SELF: I would tell her to never let her mother touch her eyebrows with the tweezers…as in the future big brows are all the rage and I barely have any to work with now haha!

MY PET PEEVE: Hmm, like any industry it is very competitive, but it annoys me when other artists don’t value their work and skills, and undercut each other just for clientele.

WHAT PRODUCT IS UNDER APPRECIATED: Definitely highlighting and contour products. These are something so small, but can totally transform a face, especially when natural light hits. It’s all about dimensions. It is a big hit on Instagram, but I don’t think it is really appreciated. I appreciate it though as I wouldn’t wear my face without it.







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