Just launched Square Register

Free App Provides Point Of Sale From Your Pocket

on March 1, 2015

originally published By Nadia Stennett on January 7, 2015 in Business, Email newsletter

Business software group, Square have launched a unique new app set to revolutionise the retail industry.

If anyone needed more evidence we’ve officially entered the high-tech age, this is it.

The ingenious guys at business software company Square, have just launched Square Register, an innovative new app set to revolutionise the way retailers conduct sales.

The free app turns your smartphone or tablet into a point of sale device, serving as a powerful suite of back office tools that track daily activity and provide insights into your business. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app can be downloaded for free through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Already a hit in the  States, Square Register essentially enables sellers to start, run, and grow their business, from their pocket.

“I’ve been using Square Register for about 3 years now,” says Perth business owner, Michael Cheang.

“We came across the app when searching the internet for point of sale solutions. We looked into all the alternative options, and ultimately chose Square for its simple layout.”

Square’s CEO says the app will do for businesses using cumbersome, complicated cash registers what the iPod did for music lovers.

“The cash register was invented to solve the basic pain points of running a business, like recording sales,” said Square CEO, Jack Dorsey.

“Our Register empowers sellers to drill into their business with sophisticated reporting tools to run and grow their business.”

The worldwide app provides a complete, cloud-based point-of-sale solution to track sales and manage items and inventory as well as issue digital receipts, scan barcodes, provide analytics and more.

To learn more about Square’s complete Register service, head to square.com/register.


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