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Instagram: 3 things you can do today to boost your followers

on August 25, 2015

Want to know three things you can do today to boost your followers on Instagram?

In recent years, Instagram has become an increasingly popular social media platform largely because of its user-friendliness and the fact there is a huge amount of people who enjoy highly visual content.

Brands, entrepreneurs and a lot of creatives are leveraging Instagram to help build their audience and if done correctly, the outcome can be very favourable, but are some things you can start doing to elevate your audience?

Here are three simple tricks to boost your followers:

  1. Know your audience and engage the right people: The first mistake that a lot of Instagram users make is that they start following a bunch of people hoping that, in turn, those people will follow them right back. That may not always be the case. If you’re a makeup artist and you’re following random people who might not be interested in your service, you probably won’t be receiving a follow back. If your specialty is doing makeup for weddings, then start following people within that niche such as wedding planners, venues and brides to be and so on.
  2. Search the right hashtags: Narrow your search for the right followers by looking up specific hashtags like,“#justengaged” or “#shesaidyes” and start following those people.
  3. Don’t be an idle Instagrammer: If you’ve taken the time to build your fan base don’t forget to start engaging with them! Whether it is taking a few seconds to scroll through their profile to “like” or even comment on their pictures – sometimes it’s the little things that count and by extension, will leave you remembered.


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