Magnetic Rae Morris – inspiration for her magnetic brush set

on November 5, 2014

When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

As a small kid I would paint anything with a heartbeat, even my dad, horse, dog, the neighbors, I was obsessed from such a young age.

I also failed school, I only went to grade ten I was seriously dyslexic and I wasn’t diagnosed until way into my 30’s, so hairdressing was my first love, then makeup soon followed!

Why did you become a makeup artist?

It happened accidently, I never thought I had the talent, so sorry in advance for the long answer but here it is.

I fell into makeup… well not literally, although I have done that too! I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, and actually started out as a hairdresser. I was running my own salon at 19 years of age, and it was through that profession that I found myself at the ‘Model of the World’ pageant in Istanbul in 1993.

I was attending to a model’s hair whilst on the other side of the room, Naomi Campbell (one of the judges), was having her makeup done. Suddenly, there was a flurry of angry voices and her makeup artist headed for the door… in the stunned silence that followed, Naomi glared around the room and as fate would have it her gaze fell on me. ‘Fix my lips’ she said. I looked at her mouth, then at the lip gloss on the bench and with a wave of unwarranted confidence thought ‘how hard can it be?’

I picked up the lip-gloss and got to work, and as I did, the door burst open and whole room erupted in a blaze of flashlights… the paparazzi had arrived. Next thing I knew, my picture was plastered all over the tabloids and my makeup career had officially begun.

Where do you get your creative ideas from?

From some of the most random places,

The App “Stumble Upon” really inspires me. I choose all the “Arty” subjects then just hit the stumble button, and suddenly you ‘stumble upon’ the most random weird and wonderful things that are so obscure and things you would never normally Google. It’s so addictive – so beware!

I’ve also started to check out who follows who on instagram – for example only this morning I looked up who Victor and Rolf and Balmain follow. Then I was checking out my fave photographers Mert and Marcus and started following accounts they follow, it’s so awesome.

As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do?

Honestly not much, I’m an all or nothing person, I love hanging with creative people and researching other artists. So my creative button is either on full swing when I’m working or have a creative job coming up, or its totally off, and I just become a home body and spend time with my newborn bubba “Sophia”.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Writing books whilst being dyslexic, but I found a great way, I speak the words into a microphone and record and someone else types it.

Also getting the worlds first ever MAGNETIC BRUSH RANGE finalized! You think it would be simple to do, but AH No! Three years of back and forth, but finally it’s exactly how I imagined it!

If you had 5mins with your younger self what would you tell yourself?

That you will be a successful makeup artist, because I had no self esteem and thought I would never make it. So the stress I caused myself was so unnecessary (but maybe that’s what drove me). I would tell myself to believe in myself, relax and enjoy the ride. And also wear more sunscreen!

What is your pet peeve within the makeup industry?

That anyone on YouTube can claim they a youtuber / vlogger!

Most people believe it’s a bitchy industry; I honestly work with the most amazing people. I think the more successful people I work with; the less bitchy they seem to be. Also, artists who are all about the money!

Most of the creative jobs I do I don’t get paid at all, if you are not doing makeup when no-one is watching and your not getting paid, then it’s the industry for you!

What product do you think is under appreciated by Makeup Artist today?

Eyelash applicators (not curlers). They are hard to find but will change the way you add lashes, they clamp the falsy to your own lash, making them sit perfectly on your lid (Lash Republic, Young Blood and Model Rock Lashes all sell them)

What was the inspiration for your magnetic brush set?

The magnets, well I love organization – I love being able to reach over and grab what I need easily. I want to focus on the makeup, not digging around in a bag or a brush roll trying to find the brush I’m looking for. So the original magnetic concept came about through trying to find better ways to organize and store my brushes. But as we have evolved the magnetic concept we have tailored it to offer a number of other benefits – hygienically it is a superior system. I may work with up to 10 models in a single day (times that by 10 if we’re doing a runway show), so I don’t want the bristles to be in contact with anything but faces, not the bench, not a brush roll (which can also bend your brushes), only faces – we achieve this with the Magnetic range because the brushes stand upright on their own. Also, I clean my brushes after every face, so to dry them I can just hang them upside down on any surface a magnet will stick to – it’s so practical! I can’t wait to see the day when I walk into a women’s bathroom and see the brushes standing up on a plate, rather than lying in dried soap and left over toothpaste on the bathroom sink.

I designed the plate to be the perfect size to not take up too much space (you can always have 2 plates if you have more space) and to travel with. The weight was extremely important because I didn’t want it to be too heavy, but it had to be heavy enough to not lift off the table when you grab a brush. In addition to the ‘plate’ but we also have some other really cool accessories going through design at the moment – a travel canister which is based on the magnetic functionality, and eventually a carry case designed specifically for the full set.

How long did you work on this to perfect it?

3 solid years!

Rae Plate with brushes


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