There once was a makeup artist that lived in a shoe, which proved to be a light dilemma

on February 12, 2015

There once was a makeup artist that lived in a shoe.

Not actually a shoe, but a cardboard box.

Not actually a cardboard box, but a really dark crowded corner.

Which was where I was unluckily put for the last five hours of my life (okay I used the term ‘lived’ loosely) while I did a bridal party who were non-negotiable about where we did the makeup – which happened to be in a bathroom between two joined rooms in an apartment in Brisbane CBD (ps. what is the go with every bloody ‘beauty room’ only having frieken table lamp light?).

This is in my Ts and Cs, I mention this again in email correspondence, on the day I mention that I need a little space to make things run a bit quicker (without me having to access my kit every five minutes), oh and light – I need some sort of light source – the stuff the sun gives is the best, but failing that something that evenly lights up your mug would be greatly appreciated.. Look I flipping love scented candles, hell I have one going right now while I am typing this blog post, however, not the greatest source of light, not even one of those big ole Glasshouse candles – which I might add smell divine, can help a sister out.

Here is a nice idea people, I am not Harry Potter – don’t put me under the stairs. I know that with bridal, part of the job is creating an ‘experience’ for your client, it is their big day, but despite the fact your beauty room may look glam (look to be honest, I thought it looked like a set out of Faulty Towers.. but whatever), wouldn’t you, as a client, be a little more invested in giving your artist the best space to work in?

Does anybody else get this? Your client books you – knows that your dealie-oh is to slather them in makeup, make them look and feel fabulous and then they go on and put you under the stairs. Like, our job is almost 100% visual, we need to be able to see your mug! What I ended up doing, as I do every time this happens, is foundation match in the natural light source and then y check the makeup as I need to in natural light. It got me thinking though; there must be a more convenient way!

I do not own my own lights, I found it tricky enough going to jobs with my own stool, let alone lights, but is this kosher now? Do MUAs bring their own lights in case of Flowers in the Attic moments? This scares the crap out of me because a) I don’t own lighting and b) I assume I would look like a baby giraffe standing for the first time carrying the stuff.

Please let me know your thoughts fellow beauty folk!

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  • Loved this post, still laughing! This happens to me ALL the time!

    Sammie February 12, 2015 9:40 am

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