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Makeup artists: Why feeling hopeless happens to us all

on June 30, 2015

This week’s post comes to you from Makeup Media Marketing co-founder, makeup lover and serial entrepreneur Abbey Dalgleish. Let us tell you, feeling hopeless in business and in life happens to the even the most “successful” people and business owners. You’re not alone.


So the last few weeks have been emotionally and mentally draining. Over the weekend I experienced moments of self-pity, hopelessness, depression and anger.  Unfortunately, the main cause of feeling like this has come from some major family dramas – but let’s not get into that!

The reason I wanted to share my weekend with you all is to show you that although sometimes when cannot change our circumstances, it’s how we react to them that really matters.

At 30 years young (lol) I have lived a rather interesting and full-on life.  I have lived in Sweden, the UK and Australia.  I have been lucky enough to have travelled the world.  I have been well educated.  I have had many different jobs and interests.  I have started three companies.  I have helped thousands of people.

But as I sit here writing this, I feel like I actually haven’t achieved a lot at all.  I have an extremely loving partner, great sisters and amazing friends. With the help of all three groups, without them actually knowing it, I have come to the realisation that I HAVE achieved a lot, but nowhere near what I want to achieve. So lucky I am only 30 right?!

This weekend I decided to go back to school.  I am not attending a mainstream study option.  It is a business course for entrepreneurs, run by like-minded business men and women who have “made it” in their chosen fields and are still achieving and striving for more.

WHY am I doing this? Because investing in your education is important! Extremely.

So if you are sitting there needing some motivation, guidance and inspiration in your makeup career, get in touch with us now. We know what you’re feeling because we’ve been there. We know what you’re capable of and we know what you can achieve with the simple business tricks, tips and tools we share.

Our next MMM 6-week Business Bootcamp eCourse is just around the corner – and it’s going to help people just like you. Contact us today for more information.


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