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Meaningful conversation: Social media is like a dinner party

on February 3, 2015

Just like you can have meaningful conversations at a dinner party, social media is no different. It is about connecting and having a conversation with your ideal customers, exactly as if you were having a conversation over the fence with your neighbour (except that the fence could be way over on the other side of the world).

What do your ideal customers want from you? What do they want to know?There is actually an art to having a meaningful conversation via social media, and it all starts with the topic.

  • The hot topic on everyone’s lips

Make sure you are posting information or posing a question about a topic that your audience is into. To do this you need to know who’s hanging out on your pages and platforms. What do they like to do? Where do they go? What do they eat? Do they have kids? Are they into travelling? Do they like to read books? This is why getting to know your audience is such a crucial part of your content strategy – the more you know about them, the better equipped you will be to post content they love and then have a social media conversation with them.


  • Ask them to talk about themselves

Ask open-ended questions on social media that allow your readers to open up and share experiences. This often creates engagement and will get others talking and sharing. Ask their opinions. This is what you would do at a dinner party, or if you met someone for the first time, right?


  • Tell stories – funny ones

The whole story-telling thing plays a huge role in social media. There’s nothing like a good story; it’s the best way to get others talking. Share a funny story, something you know your audience will appreciate or relate to. There has never been a better time to tell a story than right now!


So how do you have that conversation in as little as 140 characters? Well you can still use your content writing structure, but of course it will be vastly shorter.

That is: Your keywords, headline, body and call to action still apply.

For example: “Content writing: All the hot tips your eyeballs should be reading right now. Don’t make these mistakes <insert short link>.”

TIP: You can use to create a short link and track its reach. There are also WordPress plug-ins you can download.

In this example, the headline and keywords are “content writing,” the body of the content is “All the hot tips your eyeballs should be reading right now” and the call to action is “Don’t make these mistakes with the link.”



Try this with one of your posts: Write a test social media post using the social content writing formula – keywords, headline, body and call to action.


How did you you go? Leave a comment below!



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