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Mum knows best: Even in business

on May 6, 2015

Hands up who loves their Mum? Meeeeee! With Mother’s Day this weekend, we thought it only fair we dedicate this week’s blog to all the mums we know and love – especially our own.

I thought I would relate this post back to what my Mum taught me when I was growing up that’s really helped me thrive in my life and in business.

Talking to another entrepreneur the a few days ago about mentors, he’s just picked himself up a one, had me thinking, ‘Hey, I want a mentor too’.

But I have my Mum. She’s has always been my mentor – among many, many, many other things – and when she couldn’t help me, she’s pointed me in the right direction.

So here the top three pieces of advice Mum gave me when I was growing up that still work to this day:


What you put in, you get out (or some relation back to the universe)

It’s simple, really. Nine times out this has worked in every situation. When it hasn’t, it’s been one of those situations I probably shouldn’t have got myself into in the first place, you know?

Bizzy bit: I have been putting in some serious hours and investment into myself and my businesses in the last 12 months and it’s been a major transformation with good and bad times, as I’m sure any business owner will agree. But you know what? Mum was right! I’m starting to reap the rewards from the hard work.


If you don’t like it, change it

I probably should have put this one first because I she still says this all the time. Sometimes gently and sometimes more blatantly. Every time I get to a point in my life where I need new direction, she busts out this old “mumology”.

Bizzy bit: I needed this advice most when I had to make a massive decision of leaving my full-time job in the media to start my own business. It was a scary thing! But if you’re not happy and need a change, this is probably going to be the best advice you can get – and take action on.


If it hasn’t happened, why are you worrying about it? It might never happen!

Ah, another oldie but a goodie. My response was/is: “I don’t know” and her’s to me: “Well, stop worrying then”. Urgh, sometimes it’s easier said than done, Mum! But she was right as always. If something hasn’t happened why waste your time worrying about if – and only if – it might happen. But we all do it and I’m sure she does too.

Bizzy bit: There’s no time to get bogged down with worrying when you’re trying to make your business successful. There is only going to be two outcomes – yes or no. Yes, the client will accept your terms, or no they won’t. Yes, clients will pay upfront, or no they won’t. Yes you will win that massive contract, or no you won’t.


That’s all there is to it. You can only do your best and you know the value in what you offer. So choose not to worry about what will be and just focus on building an empire! Cross that bridge when you come to it.

Did you notice the other Mum advice I had in there: Just let it go, they can only say no, you can only do your best, what will be will be, cross that bridge…

Aren’t mums the best?!


Love ya Mum and Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to all the fab mums we know and love xx


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