Nars Orgasm Blush – Is it worth the hype?

on January 31, 2015

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Todays post is the first of what I hope will be a series of reviews of cult beauty products. I want to know if these famous products deserve their ‘cult’ status or whether it’s a case of don’t believe the hype. The inaugural product under scrutiny today is Nars Orgasm Blush.


Right: Nars Orgasm Left: MAC Springsheen


I had never gotten around to trying this blush before because it always reminded me of MAC’s Springsheen, a product that’s been in my collection for years, and  the only reason I bit the bullet and bought this beauty superstar is because celebrity Makeup Artist, Craig Beaglehole recommended it to me. I was taking over makeup duties for a bride he could no longer work with, and he gave me the list of products he used in their trial, with Orgasm of course as blush. (I’ve realised through this review that Springsheen is actually a lot more peach than Orgasm)


My first impressions of Nars Orgasm Blush were ‘Wow this is super glittery’. That’s not usually a problem for me, but it’s also not a texture I would personally choose to use on a bride. On closer inspection though, and through a few uses, I can tell you that it’s not as glittery on the skin as it first appears in the pan.

The colour itself is pink, a medium slightly warm pink. The shimmer running through is warm gold and once blended into the skin it looks more shiny than glittery, but if you get really close you can see the particles of shimmer. It’s fine shimmer, but not so fine that it you can’t make out distinctive ‘bits’.

love the colour of both the base blush and the golden highlight, it’s very flattering and gives a lovely warm flush, but one major problem is the fact that you can’t build up the intensity of the pink. Instead when you apply more layers, the only thing that seems to get any stronger is the gold shimmer. I love me some strong blush so I find that quite annoying.

The packaging is gorgeous and crap all at the same time. I love how it looks, it’s a sexy little compact, and it has a nice weight that immediately makes you think that this is some high quality shiz. The rubberized finish that all Nars products has is SUCH. A. PAIN. This surface is a dirt magnet, showing every little particle of makeup/dust/oil it has ever encountered. I cleaned mine especially for this post you lucky duck, and found that isopropyl alcohol did the trick to remove the grub.


For those of you that like bullet points, here’s the TL/DR version 
  • Colour is great, but not strong enough for my taste
  • Shimmer is great, but too strong for my taste
  • Packaging looks fantastic but is not very practical and get’s dirty easily


Overall I think it’s a nice blush and certainly a good one for beginners or makeup noobs to try out. I think I personally prefer MAC’s Springsheen because you can build up the colour intenisty more, and the shimmer is slightly finer, although it’s slightly more peach than Nars Orgasm Blush.


Do I think it’s worth they hype? In a word – no. It’s nice but it’s just a blush.


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