What is public relations really about?

What is public relations really about?

on October 22, 2014

Ok I have been getting a lot of inquiries about public relations, press releases and getting picked up by the media lately. Which is awesome and I’m so happy to share my knowledge, having spent 15 years married to the media.

So the question that came in from a biz owner this week is one I’ve covered recently … What’s a press release and why do I need one? Of course, I went through the content of this blog in greater detail with the business owner I was chatting to.

If you missed it – check it out here.

We are going to go off-track here for a moment because something else struck a chord with me and it wasn’t about public relations. It was about how busy this guy was. I know entrepreneurs have time constraints and they are stressed because of it. So outsourcing is a major convenience for them. Good on him for talking to me. But the number one outcome for getting media cover is to get work, right? Sell more stuff? Boost your profile, which might mean more speaking gigs or workshops? In some way or another it means more work, why else would you do it?

So I asked him what do you want from getting coverage?

“Well I want to boost my profile.” OK, check. What else?

“I want people to go to my website.” Check. What else?

“I want people to buy from me.” Ahhhh, OK, now we are somewhere.

All of that means more work, so if you want more work (and more money), you’re going to have to free up your time or have the right systems and processes in place to make it happen easily and without undue stress. Yes?


Here are the three areas I would look at before you start a PR campaign or even send a press release:

1 Understand what you want to achieve: First of all you must know what you want from the media coverage. Get really clear on this goal. Delve deeper even and say “I want to get more people to my website and increase traffic by 10 per cent.” Put a measurable figure on it.

2 Look at the way you do things: Can any of your systems, processes, templates, sales funnel or products be simplified in any way to cut down how long it takes to do things? Do you actually have a sales funnel in place? Will people know what to do once they get to your website? Is it easy to navigate and get in touch with you?

3 Outsourcing and your team: Free up your time and get a good team in place. Make sure they know your way of doing things. If you are potentially going to have an influx of work come in from your public relations campaign, are you equipped to handle it? Or are you going to be working around the clock? Ideally you want your sales funnel to work for you, not against you, and then you want a team of well-equipped people or outsourcers to handle that influx for you so you get on with working on your biz and not in it.




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