It’s time for business workout

on April 30, 2015
  • Love doing makeup but frustrated with how hard it is to get constant work?
  •  Dying to quit your 9-5 job and get into makeup full time?
  •  Sick of working your butt off in a job you hate all week and working in a job you love all weekend?
  •  Want to finally turn your passion for makeup from full time hobby into your dream profitable career?


Then the 6-week Makeup Media Marketing Business Bootcamp is your ticket outta there!

We get under way next week on May 4, 2015. But there’s still time for you to jump aboard.

Here’s what we’ll be sharing over the six weeks:



No matter how long you have been in the business there are always basics that have been skipped but are essential to the success of your business.  We reveal the basics of the makeup artist and her business and give you the easy tools and tips to get the basics right.  Plus we give you some money saving tips that will see instant money back in your bank!



Working with clients, photographers and agencies is not easy.  You need to be tough, confident and personable.  We guide you on how to make these relationships work for you.  We reveal who to approach, how to talk to them and what not to do or say when trying to get work from these guys.



Image is everything and in week 3 we show you how to give your business an image that reflect the type of clientele you want to work with and the type of artistry you want to be known for.  Think business names, logo, tag lines, colours and imagery.



Marketing can be scary and often plans don’t result in action.  Once you have your image sorted we give you the simple tips to get that image out there through traditional marketing and online marketing.  Simple and effective marketing tactics to spread the word on how awesome you are!



Let’s face it, you are a makeup artist and a bloody good one at that but images of your work aren’t enough to bring in the $$$.  We give you the simple tips to creating super enticing words.  Words that will make your clients jump on the email or phone to book you for work.  Writes block is something you’ll never encounter with our word styling secrets!  Website, blog writing, emails – we cover it all.



The industry is fierce, fast and full of talent and long standing stakeholders.  We give you the tips to get out there, build networks and become a common name in your industry.  Get this right and we guarantee you success.


Get on it MUAs – sign up for it here today! It’s life changing.


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